Fee Waiver Guidelines

What you will need:      
  1. Court Order
  2. “Order granting Petition to Sue as a Poor Person” signed by a judge and filed/date stamped or
  3. Specific court order to waive fee for Parenting Education class signed by a judge and filed/date stamped
  4. “Certification of Representation by Civil Legal Services Provider” issued by pro-bono legal services provider.  The document must show the participant’s name and indicate that the participant is indigent.
  1. On your approved court order stating fees are waived or on your legal services document
  2. Write your name & e-mail address at the top of the approved document
  3. Send a copy of approved document to Children First Foundation via:
Fax: (618) 235-4186 Mail: 1909 Dublin Blvd., Suite B, Belleville, IL  62221 Email: erinr@children1stfoundation.org
  1. You will receive an e-mail confirmation confirming  compliance
  2. The fee waiver will be cleared electronically within 24-48 hours of confirmation
  3. Email erinr@children1stfoundation.org and ask to be manually enrolled.
  4. You will be notified via email with further instructions.
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